Fort Walton Beach has a vibrant world of craft beer and artisanal spirits. It’s  a place where local flavors and innovative brewing collide. This guide takes you through the top spots for beer lovers and spirit aficionados alike, highlighting unique breweries and distilleries that stand out for their creative offerings and strong community ties. 

From the laid-back atmosphere of Tapworks to the meticulous craftsmanship at Rollins Distillery, each location promises a memorable experience for every palate. Join us as we delve into the distinctive craft beer and distillery scene near the beautiful shores of Fort Walton Beach.


Craft Beer Spots






Tapworks is a beloved destination for craft beer enthusiasts looking to enjoy a wide selection of local and regional brews. With over 30 taps, the venue offers an impressive range of options, from refreshing lagers and flavorful IPAs to rich stouts and experimental ales. The atmosphere at Tapworks is laid-back and inviting, making it a popular spot for both locals and visitors.

One of the standout features of Tapworks is its support for local breweries. By featuring beers from nearby establishments, Tapworks not only enhances its own variety but also helps promote the local craft beer scene. This focus on local products adds a unique regional flavor to their offerings and allows patrons to taste the distinct characteristics of the Gulf Coast brewing culture.

In addition to beer, Tapworks provides a menu of well-crafted pub fare designed to complement the brews. The food menu includes classic bar snacks alongside more substantial dishes, all of which are curated to enhance the beer-tasting experience. The knowledgeable staff is always ready to recommend pairings and share insights about the different beers on tap, enriching the overall customer experience.

Regular events and tap takeovers at Tapworks keep the experience fresh and exciting. These events are a perfect opportunity for beer lovers to discover new favorites, engage with master brewers, and enjoy the communal spirit of the craft beer community. The friendly, inclusive atmosphere and the constantly rotating beer selection make Tapworks a standout spot for anyone seeking to enjoy high-quality craft beer in the Fort Walton Beach area.



Salty Duck


Salty Duck


Salty Duck Brewery is a popular destination for craft beer enthusiasts. Known for its relaxed atmosphere and diverse beer selection, the brewery offers a range of styles from hoppy IPAs to rich stouts. Each beer is brewed on-site, showcasing the creativity and skill of their brewers. The Salty Duck stands out for its unique offerings like the Duck Dive Pale Ale and the robust Red Duck Amber. These brews are favorites among locals and visitors alike, praised for their balanced flavors and expert craftsmanship.

The brewery also hosts events and activities that enhance the community vibe. Live music, trivia nights, and seasonal beer releases create a dynamic environment perfect for social gatherings or a casual evening out. Additionally, the knowledgeable staff enhances the experience, ready to provide recommendations and share insights into the brewing process.

Patrons of Salty Duck can enjoy their drinks in a cozy indoor setting or on the outdoor patio, which adds to the laid-back coastal charm of the area. The brewery also supports local businesses by featuring food trucks, allowing guests to pair their craft beers with a variety of local flavors.

In essence, Salty Duck Brewery is a key player in Fort Walton Beach’s craft beer scene, offering innovative beers that cater to both the casual drinker and the connoisseur. This spot is a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the rich tapestry of Florida’s craft beer culture.



The Craft Bar – FWB


The Craft Bar - FWB



The Craft Bar in Fort Walton Beach is a favorite among locals and visitors alike, renowned for its wide selection of craft beers. This venue stands out for its emphasis on local and regional brews, providing patrons with a taste of the unique flavors from around the Florida Panhandle and beyond. With a rotating menu of beers on tap, there is always something new to try, from crisp IPAs to rich stouts.

In addition to its impressive beer lineup, The Craft Bar also offers a full menu of elevated pub fare that pairs perfectly with any pint. Their knowledgeable staff are always on hand to recommend the perfect beer and food pairing, enhancing the overall dining and drinking experience. The atmosphere is casual yet lively, making it an ideal spot for a relaxed evening out with friends or a fun dinner with the family.

Moreover, The Craft Bar hosts various events throughout the year, including tap takeovers and beer tastings, which are great opportunities for enthusiasts to delve deeper into the craft beer scene. These events also often feature guest brewers and exclusive releases, giving patrons a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing process and a chance to try limited-edition beers.

This hotspot truly caters to all palates and preferences, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the vibrant craft beer culture of Fort Walton Beach. Whether you are a seasoned beer aficionado or new to the craft beer world, The Craft Bar delivers an exceptional experience that goes beyond just enjoying a good brew.



The Boardroom Pub And Grub


The Boardroom Pub And Grub


The Boardroom Pub and Grub offers a diverse selection of craft beers, making it a top destination for beer enthusiasts. This venue stands out with its cozy atmosphere and friendly staff, creating a welcoming environment for locals and tourists alike. The pub features a rotating tap list that showcases local microbreweries, providing a taste of the unique flavors of the region. Alongside classic lagers and IPAs, visitors can explore experimental brews like sours and seasonal ales, each offering a distinct experience.

The food menu complements the extensive beer selection with a variety of hearty, pub-style dishes. The Boardroom is also known for its community-focused events, such as trivia nights and live music sessions, which enhance the overall experience by blending great beer with entertainment. Additionally, the pub’s location near the waterfront allows guests to enjoy scenic views while sipping their chosen brews.

Overall, The Boardroom Pub and Grub is celebrated not just for its excellent beer selection but also for its role as a community hub where people can relax, enjoy good food, and meet new friends. Its contribution to the local craft beer scene is significant, as it supports and promotes local breweries, further enriching the craft beer culture in Fort Walton Beach.



Beach Liquors


Beach Liquors


Beach Liquors, located near Fort Walton Beach, offers a diverse selection of craft beers that caters to a wide range of palates. Known for its extensive variety, this spot showcases local breweries and rare finds that beer enthusiasts appreciate. With shelves stocked with everything from robust stouts to refreshing IPAs, Beach Liquors provides an impressive lineup of both seasonal and year-round brews.

Customers praise the knowledgeable staff who are eager to share their expertise and help navigate the expansive offerings. The store often hosts tasting events, giving patrons the opportunity to sample new releases and discover their new favorite beers. These gatherings are not only educational but also foster a community of like-minded craft beer lovers.



Props Craft Brewery & Taproom




Props Craft Brewery & Taproom is a prime destination for craft beer enthusiasts. Established by military veterans, the brewery infuses a sense of camaraderie and adventure into each of its brews. The atmosphere at Props is both inviting and casual, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. 

The brewery offers a diverse range of beers, including staples like the Blonde Bomber Ale and the Flying Coffin IPA. Each beer is crafted with precision, showcasing distinct flavors and styles. Seasonal offerings and experimental batches often appear on the menu, giving visitors the opportunity to sample unique concoctions that are only available for a limited time. 

Props Craft Brewery & Taproom also emphasizes local sourcing, with ingredients procured from nearby suppliers whenever possible. This focus on local resources not only supports the community but also enhances the freshness of their beers. Visitors can enjoy these brews in the taproom, which features a relaxed, friendly environment perfect for socializing with friends or enjoying a solo pint. 

Moreover, the brewery hosts a variety of events, including trivia nights and live music, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the craft beer experience. For food options, the taproom offers a menu that complements its beers, featuring pub favorites and lighter fare that accentuates the flavors of the ales and lagers. 

Props Craft Brewery & Taproom stands out in the Fort Walton Beach area for its flavorful beers, engaging atmosphere, and strong ties to the community, making it a must-visit for anyone interested in the local craft beer scene.


Local Distilleries


Rollins Distillery




Rollins Distillery, located in Gulf Breeze, just a short drive from Fort Walton Beach, is renowned for its artisanal spirits, emphasizing quality and local flavors. Established by Patrick and Paul Rollins, the distillery is a family-operated venture that focuses on producing small-batch rum and vodka. Their signature spirit, Esprit de Krewe vodka, is meticulously crafted from molasses sourced from the southern United States, highlighting the distillery’s focus on regional ingredients.

One of their standout products, the Esprit de Krewe rum, undergoes a careful distillation process that enhances its smoothness and rich flavor profile. This rum is a favorite among locals and visitors alike, appreciated for its versatility in cocktails and sippability. The distillery also takes pride in its environmental approach, using natural resources efficiently and striving for sustainability in every batch produced.

Rollins Distillery offers tours and tasting sessions, providing a firsthand look at the distillation process and the chance to sample their spirits. These experiences are both educational and enjoyable, offering insights into the craft of spirit making. Visitors often praise the welcoming atmosphere and the knowledgeable staff, who are eager to share their passion for distilling.

The distillery’s innovative approach and use of high-quality, local ingredients have helped it carve out a niche in the Florida craft spirits market. As it continues to grow, Rollins Distillery remains a key player in promoting the craft distillery movement in the Fort Walton Beach area and beyond.



Distillery 98


Distillery 98


Distillery 98, located just a short drive from Fort Walton Beach in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, has quickly made a name for itself in the craft beer scene. Established in 2011, this distillery stands out for its innovative approach to brewing and its focus on local ingredients. The distillery offers a diverse range of beers, with styles varying from classic IPAs to unique seasonal brews that showcase local flavors and ingredients.

One of the highlights of Distillery 98 is its Dune Laker Lager, a crisp and refreshing beer perfect for the Florida heat. This particular lager is crafted using locally sourced hops and malts, providing a taste that captures the essence of the region. The distillery also takes pride in its environmental initiatives, utilizing sustainable practices in both brewing and packaging, which resonates well with eco-conscious consumers.

Visitors to Distillery 98 can enjoy a tour of the facility to see firsthand the brewing process and the care that goes into each batch of beer. The taproom offers a welcoming atmosphere where guests can sample various beers, and the knowledgeable staff are always ready to share insights about the brewing process and the distinct qualities of each brew.

The brewery also hosts events throughout the year, including live music, food truck festivals, and beer release parties, making it a vibrant part of the local community. For craft beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike, Distillery 98 represents a key player in the Fort Walton Beach area’s brewing landscape, offering a memorable experience and a taste of local craft beer culture.


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