One of the few benefits still open to military personnel and their families are savings offered by airlines, lodgings and restaurants around the world.

Getting Started  
Nearly all of the websites in our guide include travel tips and information about lodging, ground transportation and attractions.

Cost-efficient Travel– Even though the tips here are directed at The Army, they apply to all branches of service. In other words, they are aimed at saving you money on travel expenses. provides a list of their top 12 websites that relate to issues involved in military travel.

Military has links to air, ground and sea travel as well as specials at resorts and holiday packages. There are military travel discounts up-for-grabs for active duty and veteran members– no matter whether you’re planning for a vacation or visiting relatives. is an awesome resource site for the military community and military supporters, alike.  Travel resources include links that will help you plan your trip. There is also an updated list for ‘Space-A’ global travel information, including sitting arrangements available in the next 72-hours.

VetTravel is the place for veterans to find deals on airlines, cruises and accommodations–all in one place.

Military Travel Services is a site designed to search for real time discounts on air fares, accommodations, rental cars and cruises.

Military Only Travel claims to be the ‘Ultimate’ website for military travel.  With this site veterans and active duty personnel can look for links to companies offering military discounts, including separate stateside and overseas directories.

For Our Veterans with Specialty Needs  
In honor of our thousands of injured and disabled veterans we will touch base on some websites that offer tips and information for traveling with wheelchairs and scooters.
In the section below we’ll discuss what to ask and look for when booking accommodations.

TSA Guidelines for Traveling with Wheelchairs or scooters should be reviewed by our veterans who wish to minimize difficulties at the airports

Disabled and Wheelchair offers travel information for anyone with special needs but most of the tips listed out on this website are geared towards our veterans with particular needs.

Paralyzed Veterans of America provides tips, support information and links for vets who are paralyzed and want to travel.

Cruises for Veterans is a fantastic cruise business that offers cruises for all veterans– including those with special requirements.

Disney World Special offers tips and discounts for disabled veterans and their family members right on Disney World Property.

In the Air Info
Find out what rules and regulations apply to your particular situation before you book your airline tickets.
Here are some of the great places to check first.

Military is specifically suitable for active duty military and reservists as well as their dependents.  You can practically save hundreds of dollars on international and domestic flights with this site.

Off-Duty Army Travel Guide is a helpful site that makes any off-duty personnel vacation the best getaway ever. The website contains links for travel offices offering military discounts– and even military friendly RV and campgrounds.

U.S. Military Off-Duty Resources provides information and resources for the military person, including those off-duty or on leave. The website offers information on space available on flights, special military discounts and attractions offering free or discounted tickets for military personnel.

Travel Links is a site with tons of information, including that of U.S. Embassies worldwide, TSA information with current updates, privately owned vehicle reimbursement rates, baggage allowance details,

Where to Rest Your Head  

Military Travel and Lodging Options specializes in taking advantage of many convenient and inexpensive lodging options available around the world for each branch of the service.

Lodging near U.S. Military Bases allows you to find out about hotels, motels, lodges and resorts on or near the U.S. Military bases.

U.S. Government / Military Hotel discount is operated by Best Western Hotels based on U.S. government per diem rates for active duty military personnel.

Military Lodging Facilities provides useful tips and links for lodging and recreation facilities when you are in the market for leisure travel options.

Loans for Travel – Emergency and Pleasure

United Military Travel provides loans for emergency travel situations for our service members and their families. They also have options for low-cost airline tickets that are not offered on ‘space-available’ basis.

Easy Military Travel is another site that offers loans to military members and their dependents, for both vacations and emergency situations.  In addition, you can search for discounts on flights and other related travel arrangements.