Labor Day is approaching fast, signaling the end of summer. But the fun in Destin lasts all year long. The endless supply of activities and attractions make it easy to plan a Destin, Florida vacation that is sure to please everyone. From sunset walks on the beach to deep sea fishing, Destin has something for everyone. Your Destin vacation can be thrilling, relaxing, or both!

Destin and the surrounding community keep their calendars full of events and entertainment to make sure every visitor’s experience is the best. Just book a condo or beach rental nearby and get ready join in the fun.

If you want to plan a Destin, Florida vacation that is full of adrenaline-fueled fun, check out this list of thrill-seeker adventures:

Go for a banana boat ride. First, these aren’t what you would normally think of as a boat. No, the boat is what it towing your banana. You and your fellow passengers will be riding a banana-shaped pontoon through Destin Harbor. If that sounds a little wild, that’s because it is. Plan to hang on tight, go fast and get drenched!

Visit the Big Kahuna
. Celebrating 30 years in business this year, Big Kahuna’s Water and Adventure Park is one of the largest parks of its kind. Big Kahuna’s Water and Adventure Park features water play areas, slides and pools. There are over 40 attractions, including a 5-story waterslide called Jumanji and the Sky Coaster ride that suspends you 100 feet in the air.

Big Kahuna’s is open daily through September 14 and for the last two weekends of September as well. After that, the Kahuna says “goodbye” until next summer. But, if you purchase a 2016 season pass now it is good for the 2017 season as well.

Take a cruise to Crab Island. Visitors and locals alike are attracted to Crab Island for its beautiful locale and community vibe. This sandbar can only be reached by boat and floating/parking space is limited. You can avoid the hassles of navigation by booking a Crab Island cruise with one of Destin’s local transport providers. Then get ready for an experience you literally can’t find anywhere else on earth. There’s only one Crab Island, and Destin has it.

Rock out at Rock the Docks. There’s still some time left to enjoy free rock concerts at Destin Harbor this season. Every Saturday through the end of August you’ll find a different band rocking on the main stage at HarborWalk Village. The music starts at 7 pm and the fun lasts late into the night.

Make your escape at Escape Zone 60. Have you heard of escape rooms? You’re trapped inside and it is up to you and your team to find the clues to earn your way out before you run out of time. Feeling clever and brave?  Escape Zone 60 in Destin has three different rooms to choose from—Special Ops, The Crime Scene, and Zombie Apocalypse. Whether you make your escape before your sixty minutes expires or not, you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

Hit the Track. The Track Family Recreation Center has it all. You and your crew can race Go-Karts on three different tracks, ride the sky flyer or hit the arcade. This center is open year round but availability for individual attractions varies. You can check The Track’s website for discounts and updates.

Take the helicopter. Helicopter rides are so much more fun when you aren’t riding on your way to some staid meeting or summit. You can have a VIP view without all those boring VIP responsibilities. Book a chartered helicopter flight and see Destin from new heights. You can choose from among several tours and tour providers in and around Destin. Area tour options include flights over Destin Harbor, Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, or along the entire stretch of the Emerald Coast. You can also book a special dolphin sighting tour.

Skip the helicopter and use jets instead. Who needs a helicopter when you can just blast yourself into the air? Fly boards use water power to send you jetting straight up, over, and around. You may have seen videos of fly board stunts on YouTube. According to reviews, learning to fly board is easier than it looks. You too can become an aerial acrobat in minutes. After a little practice, it could be you posting the latest GoPro video of amazing fly board feats.

The end of summer definitely doesn’t mean the end of fun in Destin. Activities are scheduled throughout the year, including a celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19 and the annual Destin Fishing Rodeo that begins on the first day of October. No matter when you plan your Destin, Florida vacation you can plan on finding plenty to do. Don’t forget to visit us here at the Destin Vacation blog. We’ll keep you updated on all the fun things to do in Destin on the gulf.