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Scuba Diving

The Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico are the lifeblood of our world. It covers over seventy percent of the planets surface, yet ninety five percent of it is left unexplored.

There are whole worlds out there yet to be discovered. The Ocean is one of earths biggest mysteries. It also holds some of the most beautiful and breathtaking sights known to man. Just think about the majesty waiting for us just beneath the waves!

Let Emerald Coast Vacation Rentals and Sales transport you to a new world just beneath our own. You will experience wonders as you dive under the water like a portal to a new realm.

Imagine swimming with a turtle, or visiting a school of fish. What wonders await you on the other side. Normally these sights are reserved for creatures of the sea. Man was not originally invited, but thanks to scuba diving you can join in and experience the wonders of the sea.

Emerald Coast Vacation Rentals and Sales will take you beneath the waves of the ordinary and show you the way to the extraordinary.

You have seen videos from below the water but they can’t compare with being there yourself, no more than your shadow can tell someone who you really are.

There really is nothing like scuba diving on the planet. You will never forget your underwater voyage.

Your trip beneath the sea awaits. Dive into the best vacation of your life now.

Emerald Coast Scuba

From swimming lessons, PADI Scuba training, snorkel and dive charters to an award-winning dive shop; Emerald Coast Scuba has it all.
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Scuba Tech

One never knows what mysteries the Gulf of Mexico has in store for the divers to see.
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