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Ron’s Images by the Sea

Let me start by giving you a little background info about me. I am an ex U.S. Air Force (retired) photographer (20 years service) with over 30 years experience in photography. I am also a military brat with my father serving proudly for the U.S. Army 20 years in the infantry. My two sons, Michael and Dennis are also currently enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. My love of photography started as a yearbook photographer in high school and then I was totally immersed in imagery in the U.S. Air Force when I enlisted starting as an imagery processor on the intel side. I have worked with the finest resolution film imagery on the planet, reconnaissance SR-71, U-2 and satellite in defense of our country. I miss film but very few people are aware today of the long process involved in producing an excellent B&W or color print in film. I miss film but have happily embraced digital photography and would rather spend time in a digital darkroom than the traditional one. I can proudly say I was immersed physically and mentally in photography for our country. I started shooting beach portraits/weddings in 2003 on the Emerald Coast. I have tons of patience with family and children. Photography has been my hobby, passion and profession. I specialize in beach portraits and beach weddings because there is no finer backdrop for portraits than the breathtaking colors of our Emerald Coast.

Website: http://ronsimagesbythesea.com/
Phone: (850) 543-9348

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