Florida’s Emerald Coast, with its pristine beaches and stunning sunsets, offers more than just an incredible seaside experience. It’s also a hidden gem for coffee lovers. From Panama City Beach to Fort Walton Beach and Destin to Miramar Beach, coffee enthusiasts will find a multitude of unique and delightful coffee shops. In this blog, we’ll take a tour of the best coffee shops in these areas, highlighting their specialty drinks, food offered, and why they are highly recommended for any personal coffee tour.


Panama City Beach

1. Lotus Cafe and Juice Bar at Zen Garden




Experience a health-conscious café and zen garden in one at Lotus Cafe at Zen Garden. This unique establishment places a high emphasis on all-natural, organic ingredients, ensuring that its customers not only enjoy a flavorful meal but one that supports their wellness. Their menu is diverse, providing something for everyone – from revitalizing Juices and Smoothies, delectable Vegetarian and Vegan options, to mouth-watering seafood and chicken dishes. For those who prefer something light yet satisfying, Lotus Cafe’s salads and wraps are not to be missed.



2. Sunrise Cafe Bakery




Sunrise Cafe Bakery is a family-owned and operated business that guarantees a delightful dining experience. Serving both breakfast and lunch all day, this delightful cafe and bakery ensures there’s never a wrong time to grab a bite from them.

Every morning, they prepare fresh donuts, guaranteeing a delectable, warm start to your day. Their fried, glazed croissants are equally a must-try! And for the warm summer days, there’s no better place to cool down with their range of refreshments, including ice cream, gelato, milkshakes, sundaes, and more.

Aside from their regular offerings, Sunrise Cafe Bakery also prides itself in its specialty European menu. This includes unique European dishes such as Manty (Central Asian dumplings), Samsa (likened to Indian Samosa), Borscht (a sour soup in various Eastern European cuisines), and many more!



Fort Walton Beach


3. Maas Coffee Roasters





Coffee at Maas Coffee Roasters is not just a beverage, it’s an experience. The beans are meticulously sourced from around the globe, carefully selected for their unique flavor profiles. The process doesn’t end there. Upon arrival, the beans undergo on-site roasting which enhances their natural aroma and flavor. This hands-on roasting method ensures that each batch obtains the ideal roast, maximizing its flavor potential.

Among their diverse range of blends, the Kona Blend and Mocha Java stand out. Kona Blend showcases the rich and full-bodied characteristics found in the esteemed beans sourced from the volcanic soils of Hawaii. Mocha Java, considered one of the oldest coffee blends in the world, marries the fruity, wine-like flavors of Ethiopian beans with the rich, full-bodied strength of Indonesian coffee.

But there’s more to Maas Coffee Roasters than their globally diverse, freshly roasted coffee. The café also takes pride in its selection of delightful pastries. Freshly baked and ready to cater to any palette, these treats range from fluffy croissants to gourmet sandwiches making it an ideal haunt for not just a quick caffeine fix, but a satisfying breakfast or lunch break.


4. Main Brew Coffee


Main Brew Coffee


Main Brew Coffee is a valued gem in the heart of Fort Walton Beach. With its relaxed, inviting, and approachable atmosphere, it not only captures the essence of a traditional coffeeshop but also promises an at-home comfort akin to enjoying a cup of coffee in a family living room.

Main Brew Coffee firmly believes in two things: they are “coffee people” and “people people”. Coffee is not merely a product; it’s a passion they zealously pursue and share with neighbors and friends. They specialize in quality coffee provided through a variety of methods. For those daring and bold enough to try something different, Main Brew Coffee offers an extensive specialty latte menu brimming with non-traditional flavors.

Meanwhile, lovers of a traditional brew are not left out. They offer many single-origin roasts prepared via the pour-over method, promising a perfect drop.





5. Bad Ass Coffee




Bad Ass Coffee takes great pleasure in sharing Hawaii’s exceptional coffee culture with the local community and visitors alike. Their signature Kona Blend is a sweet testament to this, offering coffee enthusiasts flavorful, aromatic coffee that is as remarkable as the island it originates from.

The Hawaiian Blend, another crowd favorite, is a careful selection of different Hawaiian coffees crafted into a blend that skillfully marries slight fruit undertones with a hint of spiciness. This creates a final product that truly captures the unique facets of Hawaiian coffee.

While Bad Ass Coffee puts a notable emphasis on its coffee, the café also ensures that visitors can pair their favorite drinks with a selection of equally delightful, light bites. Offering a selection of freshly made Bagels, they provide an ideal quick yet fulfilling breakfast option.

For those in search of a healthier, lighter alternative, the café features a range of fresh, crisp salads. Each salad is thoughtfully prepared using quality ingredients, ensuring that they perfectly complement the robust flavors of the Hawaiian coffee.



6. The Local Market




Fuel your day at The Local Market with a varied coffee menu, featuring premium Brewed Coffee and Espresso Drinks. Among the myriad coffee options available, the White Chocolate Mocha stands a level above. Masterfully blended using high-quality beans, the rich flavors of the mocha are complemented by the sweet, creamy undertones of white chocolate, creating a harmonious encounter of flavors.

Want to add a kick of freshness to your day? Try their collection of Fresh-pressed Juices. Each bottle is packed with the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables. These juices serve as a perfect companion for your coffee, offering a cool, refreshing contrast to the warm, rich notes of your brew.

The Local Market’s recipes take fresh to a whole new level. Taste the difference with their classic Egg Sandwiches, which boast of farm-fresh eggs complemented by fresh ingredients. Pair this wholesome, savory delight with your favorite coffee for the ideal breakfast or brunch meal.



Miramar Beach


7. Causeway Coffee


Causeway Coffee


Embark on a flavorful journey at Causeway Coffee, where every sip tells a story. Causeway Coffee isn’t just about serving exceptional coffee, it aims to create a space that fosters connections within the community and supports impactful missions around the world.

Each step taken through the doors of Causeway Coffee invites you into a world dedicated to the perfection of coffee and building meaningful relationships. The café believes that coffee has the power to bring people together, igniting conversations and nurturing friendships.

Whether gathered around the café’s cozy tables, engaged in vibrant discussions, or quietly savoring a preferred brew, every visitor becomes part of a larger narrative. This community is a tapestry of individuals united by their love for great coffee and a shared desire to make a positive difference.

Causeway Coffee extends its efforts beyond the confines of being just another café. Every cup enjoyed at the café contributes to supporting missions around the world. Supporting mission groups like Mission of Hope, and aiding in local charitable endeavors, Causeway Coffee endeavors to make a significant impact through the simple act of enjoying your favorite coffee.


8. Bistrology




Bistrology isn’t just renowned for its enticing food menu, but also for its focus on creating a rich, memorable coffee experience. The café section in Bistrology is a sanctuary for coffee lovers, offering a coffee menu that persuasively balances innovation and tradition to serve up stellar brews.

At Bistrology, you can explore a range of exceptional coffee brews. There’s the familiar comfort of an expertly crafted Espresso or the caffeinated embrace of a smooth Cappuccino. For those who prefer their coffee black, the Americano, served without milk but with the same attention to detail, is a perfect accompaniment to the café’s indulgent pastries.

Featuring an assortment of Specialty Coffee Drinks that are specially concocted for those looking for a unique coffee experience. Creative adaptations of popular drinks, with tantalizing additions, are part of the café’s efforts to ensure that each coffee lover’s visit is a memorable one.



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